Top Gadgets for Every Work-At-Home Mom

I have a bit of a gadget problem.  I have many, but each is so highly specialized, I can't do without a single one.  Many have asked me what gadgets I use in my business, and what tasks I assign to each.  This is a quick rundown of the role my electronics play in my business and personal life:

iPad 2

I actually won this from a giveaway my newsletter service was holding, and it is my favorite gadget.  I use it mainly to make and edit videos, then upload them seamlessly to YouTube and to clients.  I also enjoy EverNote and other "clipping" programs that let me view online content even when I'm not connected to the internet.

HP Pavilion p7-1210 Desktop

This is a bit of a downgrade from my 6-core HP desktop that was relinquished to my husband, but it performs beautifully and doubles as a work PC for me and a school PC for the kids.  In addition to having   a quad-core processor (which is essential for running multiple programs) and 1TB of data (for storing all my blog photos and videos), it has a whisper-quiet fan and all the goodies that Windows 7 offers.  It didn't come with a monitor, but at less than $515, you can easily hook it up to whatever screen you'd like.

HP DeskJet 3052A Wireless Printer

I already had a wireless DeskJet printer, but this model allowed for printing directly from my phone to the device.  This meant I could snap a photo or send a document from my hotel across the country straight to my husband's desk.  Signing contracts or getting my hotel details to the family is a cinch with this printer.  (I buy an official 3X ink cartridge to get more printing pages for the buck.)  It also looks snazzy on your desk!

Kodak easyshare M532 camera

I am due for an upgrade to a DSLR camera, but until that glorious day arrives, I've been happily taking shots with my M532.  It takes pretty decent photos, considering, and I really don't have to think about how to set the camera.  (You can read more about what I love about it here), but in the meantime, check out the quality of this point-and-shoot solution):

What gadgets are you relying on to run your small business?  We'd love to hear about it in the comments!


  1. Well, I couldn't do it without my laptop and my iPhone which has many apps I use for blogging including Hootesuite, Facebook and Dropbox. I really want an iPad, working on that for Christmas from Hubby. :-)

    Oh! One of my favs is my little wireless mouse. I haven't had a wire connected to a mouse in a while, does anyone? But I love all the wireless tech around now.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Allie! I'm one of those still tethered to my desktop with a wired mouse, but mostly because my kids would walk off with it if it wasn't attached. (Like all the remote controls we have yet to find. LOL)

    Thanks for sharing! I do love my iPhone, too :)


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