Should You Hire an International or U.S.-Based VA?

Congratulations!  You may have reached the point where your business has grown so much that you now need outside help with the everyday tasks so you have more time to create the work that you enjoy most and is the most lucrative.

If you've decided to hire a virtual assistant (VA), you have one big decision to make: should you hire an internationally-based or U.S.-based VA?  These points may help you decide:


If your decision is strictly financially based, you'll probably want to hire an international VA.  A VA from the Philippines, for example, earns between $3 and $6 an hour.  By contrast, a U.S. based VA may charge anywhere from $20 to $50 an hour depending on the job and the skill level.


Usually finances aren't the only variable, though.  Another consideration is ease of communication.  If you hire an international VA, you may have to deal with miscommunications more than if you hired a U.S. based VA because international VAs often speak English as a second language.  This may be even more important if you'll have the VA interact with your customers regularly or do another communication task such as leave a comment on a blog as you.

Time Difference

An international VA will likely not be at work the same time you're working.  She'll likely be sleeping while you're working and vice-versa.  Some see this as advantage.  You can give the work that you'd like to see done, and when you wake up in the morning, you may find the work completed in your mailbox.  However, some see this as a drawback.  A U.S.-based VA is likely working at the same time you are, so she's available regularly for e-mail or even Skype or phone conversations.

Supporting U.S. Based Business

If supporting U.S. based businesses is important to you, then you'll likely want to keep your money within the U.S. and hire a VA from here.

While deciding whether to hire a internationally-based or U.S.-based Virtual Assistant is a big decision, once you consider all the points and hire the person you prefer, you can watch your business grow even faster.

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