Why You Should Turn Down Jobs That Don't Fit with Your Business Mission

By Melissa Batai

When I first started working from home, I said yes to every job that came my way.  My husband and I desperately needed any money I could bring in, and I ended up doing several low paying jobs that weren't mentally challenging or stimulating. 

Over time, I grew to dislike those jobs more and more until finally, a year later, I let several clients go.  Simply put, I shouldn't have said yes to many of the jobs.


They didn't fit with my business mission and goals.

I learned the hard way that if you accept every job that comes your way, you sacrifice too much.

Sacrificing Time

We all have a limited amount of time.  If you accept a job that doesn't fit within your business mission, you're sacrificing your time for something that doesn't advance your career or your business.  You're giving up time you could use for more productive work, to spend with your family, or to exercise or do something else for yourself.  The time sacrifice is almost never worth it.

Sacrificing Your Career

If you already work at home, you likely have noticed that once you accept one kind of job and get good at, you'll attract clients who want you to do the same kind of job for them.  This is great if you find jobs that fit your business model.  But the reverse is also true.  If you take and become good at jobs that aren't really what you want to be doing, you'll likely keep finding more of those jobs.  Before long, work will start to feel like a chore, and you'll be frustrated by your situation.

Saying no to any job, especially when you're just starting out and need to make money, is difficult.  You can make this process easier on yourself by having a clear business mission from the beginning.  Then, you can easily turn job those jobs that aren't a good fit and leave yourself available for those that are.

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  1. Very good advice Melissa, thank you. I know you had to learn the hard way, which makes your advice more the wiser! Thank you for sharing that:0)


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