The Walgreens Drugstore Game by Amanda Grossman: A Book Review

You may have seen extreme couponers that can save hundreds at the grocery store.   And you likely know that there are people who save hundreds of dollars a year when buying their toiletries and other items at drugstores like Walgreens.

However, if you're like me and most Americans, you may think that clipping coupons, tracking the sales, and playing the drugstore game is just too complicated and time consuming.  If you're like me, you're happy if you save $1 when you buy your toilet paper on sale at Walgreens.

However, Amanda Grossman, author of The Walgreens Drugstore Game, reminds us that there is a better way.  If you play the drugstore game, you can get your toiletries for 75% off or more.  What's not to love about that?

Luckily, Grossman's ebook provides a step-by-step tutorial to playing the drugstore game whether you are a complete coupon newbie or if you have experience couponing and just want to learn more.

A Complete Run Down of the Types of Coupons Available

If you've not used coupons, or you haven't used them for quite some time, you'll appreciate Grossman's run down of the many different types of coupons available.  If you're an experienced couponer, you can likely skip over this section.

Explanation of Walgreen's Drugstore Game

Walgreen's used to only have one reward system--Register Rewards.  In the last year, though, they have also rolled out Balance Rewards.  Grossman explains the difference between the two systems and special situations you need to know about. 

For instance, if you use Balance Rewards in one transaction, you will not earn Balance Rewards on the same transaction, even if you were supposed to get them with the products that you bought.

In addition, Balance Rewards last much longer than Register Rewards (which typically expire within a week or two) as long as you use your account at least every 6 months.

Grossman takes what could potentially be dry content and livens it up.  She also gives plenty of examples that demonstrate the rules she is explaining with her own real life shopping trips.

A Powerhouse of Savings

After Grossman has laid the ground work by explaining the Walgreens' system as well as the coupons you can use, she explains what all of us want to know--how to save.  If you follow her strategies in this ebook, you should routinely save 75% or more on items you buy at Walgreens.  You might even be able to get some items for free!

Advanced Savings Strategies

After you've honed your savings skills, come back to this section and learn advanced savings strategies.  I'll admit, as a person who never uses coupons, a lot of this information was beyond my knowledge base.  

However, Grossman realizes this, which is why she suggests readers come back and read this information in a few months, after they have more experience.

Is This Ebook Right for You?

If you're tired of paying full price for your toiletries as I am, this is a book that you'll want to buy.  At only $4.99, you'll likely save the amount the book cost you in your first trip to Walgreens.

However, if you're an experienced couponer, most of the information in the book will be common knowledge to you, though you may still benefit from the advanced savings strategies.

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