How to Create Your Business' Mission Statement

A mission statement is essential for your business as it can guide you toward the types of services you offer as well as the type of customers and jobs you accept (and turn down).  It can also guide you as your business grows. 

So why are there so many work at home moms who don't have mission statements for their businesses?

The answer, often, is that writing a mission statement seems overwhelming.

However, it doesn't have to be.

Generate Ideas for Your Mission Statement

Take one day to focus on creating your mission statement.  Begin by asking yourself these questions:

1.  What products do I offer?

2.  Who is my ideal customer?

3.  What do I seek to do through my business?

Answering these questions as fully as possible will give you a good idea about the general goals of your business.  However, that does not a mission statement make.

Next, you must summarize these ideas into a succinct, two to three sentence mission statement.  Doing so isn't easy and doesn't necessarily happen quickly.

Write a few drafts of your mission statement.  Remember to be as specific as possible and to use dynamic words.  For example, part of Disney's mission statement is, "we seek to develop the most creative, innovative, and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world."

Get a Second Opinion

Once you have a few drafts of your mission statement, get a second opinion (and perhaps a third).  Ask your spouse or business confidant or colleague to give their opinions.  They can help you narrow down what mission statement is most effective.  They can also help you tweak the best mission statement to come up with a stellar one.

After you come up with the best mission statement, set it aside for a few days so you can look at it with fresh eyes and decide if it is indeed the best statement for your business.

Developing a mission statement isn't easy, but once you do it, you likely won't have to revisit it for several years.  Having one can help guide you and your business, which makes it well worth the time it takes to create one.

Do you have a mission statement for your business?

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