Top 3 Business Books Reviewed on 1099 Mom in 2013

As a small business owner, you likely read several books a year (if not more).  Business books are invaluable to working mothers as they can teach you how to better manage your time, generate more income, and come up with business ideas, to name just a few.

This year, I've had the pleasure of reading a host of business books, many of which I've reviewed here on 1099 Mom. 

If you're short on time but want to read the best business books out there, here are the ones I found most useful that I've read this year:

1.  Pinterest Savvy:  How I Got 1 Million+ Followers by Melissa Taylor.  Pinterest is where it's at right now, especially considering the algorithm changes Facebook has instituted that make it harder to reach your audience.  Pinterest can explode a blog or website's traffic, if you know how to do it right.  This book explains the ins and outs of growing your Pinterest following.  A must read.

2.  The Bootstrap VA by Lisa Morosky.  If you want to be a virtual assistant (VA), or you already are one but would like to grow your business, this book is for you.  However, even if you're a work at home mom with no interest in every being a VA, you'll likely benefit from this book.  The book is filled with information about how to grow your business and keep your clients satisfied.
3.  How to Blog for Profits (Without Selling Your Soul) by Ruth Soukop.  Many work at home moms have a blog.  Either it's their sole business or a component of their business.  And for many, they blog because they love to, not because blogging makes them a lot of money.  However, that can change if you read this book.  Soukop has successfully grown her blog and made it profitable, and she shares how in this book. 

If you only have time to read a few books in 2014, reading these three will help you grow your business (and the money you make). 

What business books do you recommend for other work at home moms?

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