Why Bloggers Need Email Lists and Newsletters

There is so much for bloggers to do--write posts, network on social media, help other bloggers.  Why would they want to add a blog newsletter to their regular responsibilities?  After all, for years now many bloggers have neglected building an email list and sending newsletters in favor of building up their social media following, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

But as we've seen since Facebook decided to limit how many followers a blogger can reach with a status update, having a large social media following isn't an end all, be all.  Your email list of subscribers is.

If you're still dragging your feet on creating an email list of your followers and sending newsletters to them, here's why you want to start doing so as soon as possible:

1.  You don't have control of social media.  Social media sites can change their policies on a whim.  Facebook used to share your status updates with all your followers.  Now, they only let 1 to 2% of your followers see your updates unless you pay for advertising.  You have no control over Facebook's decision, but you do have complete control over your own email list.

2.  You can easily reach your followers.  There are a lot of blogs out there to read, and people are busy.  They might not come to your site as regularly as they used to.  However, you can still get their attention and drive them back to your site with a regular newsletter.

3.  You can recommend more things in a newsletter.  The people who sign up for your email list and your newsletters are genuinely interested in what you have to say and are more likely to trust you and your experience.  If you recommend a product you love, you'll have a higher conversion rate on your email list versus your blog.

4.  You will be more attractive to advertisers.  When advertisers work with you, they like to know your analytics, social media numbers, and number of email subscribers.  Without an email list, you'll be less attractive to potential advertisers.

Do you have an email list?  Do you send out a newsletter regularly, or are you still dragging your feet on creating one? (We use icontact to send out our newsletters.  Read why we recently abandoned MailChimp before you get started.)

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