Easing Summer Work-at-Home Mom Guilt

Day after day, my Facebook feed is full of stories and pictures of stay at home moms having fun with their kids.  In just the last week, one family has shared pictures of the fun activities they've done including:

·         a trip to a farm for strawberry picking,
·         a geo caching expedition,
·         a get together in their backyard with three other families including games, swimming, and picnicking, and
·         a trip to another farm to feed the baby animals

It's enough to make a work at home mom like myself feel a bit guilty and inept.  After all, the most fun my kids have had this last week is playing Battleship with me and each other, playing in the sprinkler a few times, and working independently on their various hobbies.

Yet, is that all bad?

What were summers like when you were growing up?  For me, summer involved a lot of time playing with friends, playing outside by myself, and riding my bike.  My mom worked from home as a day care provider, so she was not entertaining me.  She had her job to do, and my job was to play and enjoy the summer.

It's Okay to Let Kids Be Bored

You may feel a twinge guilty that you can't do as many fun things with your kids as stay at home moms because you have job responsibilities.  Please don't feel guilty.

It's okay for kids to get bored.  Often the greatest entertainment and discoveries stem from bored kids who become creative and develop games and imaginative play.  This likely would not happen if they weren't occasionally bored.

Your Kids Are Learning from You

That's not to say that you shouldn't spend time with your kids this summer--quite the contrary.  Set aside time to work and time to play.

Yet keep in mind that your kids are also learning from you when they see that work time is important and something that is necessary for their quality of life.  You're teaching them how to balance family and work, which will be increasingly valuable as they grow up.

How do you handle summertime mommy guilt?

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