1099 Top 10: Finding Extra to Pay for the Holidays

We like to regularly share our favorite posts from the Work at Home Mom niche. Some articles may come from Moms, but all of them will be great. Enjoy!

·         Winning giveaways is a great way to supplement your holiday shopping.  Make your time spent entering giveaways more productive by first reading The Work at Home Wife's 5 best secrets to entering and winning giveaways.

·         Do you menu plan every weekFrugal Upstate is getting into the swing of menu planning again, and her recipes sound great!  Have a peak for inspiration.

·         If you've considered takingsurveys as a way to make extra money for the holidays, make sure to first read Real Ways to Earn Money Online's post about scam survey sites and the best type of surveys to take.

·         Daily Life asks, could you go a year without buying anything new?

·         Just in time for pumpkin season, Mom Advice shares how to make your own Pumpkin Spice.

·         Are you guilty of these productivity killers?  Thanks, Wise Bread, for the wake up call!

·         Speaking of productivity killers, one Working Mother author took a two week fast from Facebook and learned quite a bit about herself.

·         Why not serve these Monster Donuts for your kids on Halloween morning?  Thanks, Thrifty Fun, for a great idea!

·         Make a Living Writing argues that some times, the only reason you're not succeeding is because you're afraid.

·         Planting Money Seeds works 7 days a week from home and loves her schedule and the flexibility she gets from working every day.  Do you agree with her opinion?

Thanks to everyone who was included in this edition's list!

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