1099 Top 10: Make Time for Family

We like to regularly share our favorite posts from the Work at Home Mom niche. Some articles may come from Moms, but all of them will be great. Enjoy!

·         House of Rose Blog reminds us the to-do list can wait.  Take time to slow down and enjoy spending time with your family.

·         We are our children's first and best teacher.  Dainty Mom urges us to love our children endlessly and make time for them.

·         Lynnae McCoy made a homemade owl costume last year, but this year she's outdone herself with a homemade cow costume that costs less than $20 and can be made in 30 minutes.  That's my kind of costume!

·         Christmas is less than 11 weeks away!  If you're trying to find ways to drum up extra money for Christmas presents, check out Real Ways to Earn Money Online's list of ways to make extra cash.

·         Working Mother explains how to kick the procrastination habit.  Procrastinating can be especially deadly for those of us who work from home since we don't have a boss to please and there are so many distractions at home.

·         If you'd like to be a WAH freelance writer but you're tired of writing for the content mills, The Work at Home Wife has a list of 10 companies that pay writers 10 cents per word.

·         Life Hacker has some great tips for saving on Amazon, but you'll learn even more by reading the nearly 100 comments on the post.

·         Wise Bread shares 11 things people who make a lot of money do.  These are also great tips for growing your at-home business.

·         Have you tried the Fitbit yetMom Advice loves hers and is getting a great workout trying to keep up with her friends.

·         Halloween-inspired food doesn't always have to be sweets.  Chickabug Blog created an adorable Graveyard Taco Dip!

Thanks to everyone who was included in this edition's list!

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