1099 Top 10: Connect with Your Spouse This Holiday Season

We like to regularly share our favorite posts from the Work at Home Mom niche. Some articles may come from Moms, but all of them will be great. Enjoy!

·         Mom Advice suggests many ways to put your marriage at the top of your holiday to-do list.  I love the ideas of having formal pictures taken of just the two of you!

·         In the same vein, House of Rose encourages you to take a 22 day Love Habit Challenge.

·         Just in time for Thanksgiving, Frugal Upstate shares three different ways to make gravy.

·         Are you considering buying a smart phone for your teen but are nervous about unlimited Internet access?  If so, Lynnae McCoy has the perfect solution for you!

·         Real Ways to Earn Money Online shares a HUGE list of companies that offer $10 or more per hour for their work-at-home staff.

·         If you're looking for ways to enrich the Advent season for your kids this year, try The Mad House's 50 Advent Acts of Kindness.

·         Do you make sure to label all of your blog photos for Pinterest?  If not, I Am Baker offers a tutorial.

·         Why not shake up your Thanksgiving tradition a bit by getting rid of these five traditions as Wise Bread suggests?  You may have a happier, more peaceful Thanksgiving!

·         Are you noticing a rise in grocery prices?  Good, Cheap Eats is re-evaluating her grocery priorities and budget.

·         I love Life as Mom's suggestion to make holiday goodies now and freeze them for later.  Then, when you're uber busy in December, you can simply pull the goodies from the freezer and bake.  Great idea!

Thanks to everyone who was included in this edition's list!

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