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With the high cost of daycare, more and more parents are looking to have at least one parent work from home.  When you decide to work at home, you may be overwhelmed.  There are so many possibilities and different opportunities to pursue!

One of the best ways to prepare yourself is to dig into a good book (or three) about the subject.  Whether you’re new to the work-at-home job field or you’re looking to make a career switch or grow your work at home career, you can’t go wrong with these excellent reads.

General Books about Working from Home

While this book seeks to help people become virtual assistants, I’m putting it in the general category because there are so many excellent tips for work-at-home moms, whether you’re a VA or not.  This book should be required reading for anyone considering or already working from home.  (Read our full review)

Are you still trying to determine what you’d like to do from home?  This book may be the place where you find the perfect idea.  Davidson gives both short-term job suggestions as well as long-term, career building jobs.  (Read our full review)


It’s the ultimate irony.  Parents choose to work from home so they can have more time with their kids, but then as their work-at-home careers grow, they have less and less time for family.  If you’re struggling with the juggling act, Ehman’s book can help you find balance in your life.  As the mom of four young girls and the author of several popular websites, Ehman has plenty of good strategies and techniques to grow your career and still have time for your family. (Read the full review)

Stephanie O’Dea is funny and engaging, so this book is an entertaining AND educational read.  O’Dea, who has appeared on The Rachael Ray Show, shares the story of her success and also interviews other successful work-at-home moms.  This is the first book in a series she’s planning.  I hope the next one comes out soon! (Read the full review)

Books for Bloggers

If there’s only one book about blogging that you read this year, I recommend this one.  Ruth Soukop has a wildly successful blog, and she’s earning enough every year that her husband now stays home with her.  This book is full of excellent advice and tips for both growing your blog and making a living from it. (Read full review)

Pinterest is THE place to be, especially if you want to draw traffic to your blog.  This book gives a clear strategy for growing your Pinterest presence significantly and is well worth a read.  The only drawback is that the author spends quite a bit of time pitching her private group Pinterest training. (Read full review)

Whether you’re just starting a blog or want to take your blog to the next level, you can’t go wrong with this book.  This is the second blogging book Lotich has written.  Topics include getting more traffic, content creation, making money, the business of blogging, delegation, graphics and design, and e-mail marketing. (Read full review)

Books for Freelance Writers

If you spend any amount of time reading personal finance blogs, you’ve probably read something by Miranda Marquit.  Marquit does have her own blog, but the majority of her work is writing for others.  If you’re a freelance writer, you’ll learn plenty from this book.  Even if you aren’t, though, Marquit includes many suggestions for all small business owners, including how to find work/life balance. (Read full review)

This book is organized in 10 chapters, covering each step of the freelance process.  The authors have written for publications like The Atlantic, and they clearly know what they are doing.  Their advice is valuable through every step of the writing and negotiating process. (Read full review)

Short and sweet, this ebook is perfect for people who are new to the freelance writing field.  The extras (a PDF file with over 75 links to help you find freelance writing jobs) in Chapter 6 alone make this book a worthwhile read. (Read full review)

Almost all of these books are less than $10 each, and if you implement the strategies suggested, you’ll likely recoup your investment quickly.  This is only a sampling of helpful books for work-at-home moms.  Make sure to check out our other reviews to read about additional books.

Which ebook would you suggest should be a must read for a work-at-home mom?

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