1099 Top 10: Growing Your Virtual Assistant Business

We like to regularly share our favorite posts from the Work at Home Mom niche. Some articles may come from Moms, but all of them will be great. Enjoy!

·         If you want to be a virtual assistant or grow your current business, check out The Work at Home Wife’s interview with a successful VA who is sharing her knowledge with others.

·         Getting up before the sun rises is generally not my thing, but thanks to this list by Buzz Feed Life, I may give getting up an hour earlier a try.

·         Love Lille Punkin’s suggestions for fostering creativity (and learning) in children!

·         Are you a teacher or homeschooler?  Real Ways to Earn Money Online reminds you that you can make a decent income selling teaching materials or teaching online.

·         In this era of professional blogging, fewer and fewer bloggers are sharing what’s happening in their lives, so I love it when Life as Mom does.

·         Don’t you hate spending half of Thanksgiving Day (or more!) in the kitchen cooking?  Well, now you won’t have to because Mom Advice has a full Thanksgiving freezer cooking plan.  Woo hoo!

·         I have read two of the eight memoirs Modern Mrs. Darcy recommends and have added two new ones to my list thanks to her suggestions!

·         House of Rose gives all mothers permission to throw their to-do list aside and just spend time with their kids.  Will you do it today?

·         Some financial gurus say you should pay as much down as you can when you purchase a house, but The Reluctant Landlord says the opposite—you should pay as little down as possible.

·         ‘Tis the season for lots of spending!  Keep your finances safe by looking at Bargain Briana’s list of five common budgeting mistakes and fixing yours now.

Thanks to everyone who was included in this edition's list!

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