#VAin30 - Day 13: Where to Find VA Work

In a perfect VA world, people would call you and ask you to do the most amazing tasks for amazing pay. But in reality, it takes a lot of hustle to get a full client list and even more to get the kind of experience behind you that can allow you to charge enough to live on. That's why it's important to take this beginning stage of your business to find jobs -- even if they are less than ideal.

Why take a less-than-perfect job? There are many reasons. Among them:

1. They can help you practice your skills. 

Some clients will ask that you have specifically handled certain types of software, performed industry-specific tasks, or can give advice based on past projects. In order to do this, you have had to have work. Use some of the jobs that are a little beneath your pay grade or your preference to build this resume of work and give you a history for in-demand skills.

2. They can help you decide what you like -- and what you don't. 

Many people are convinced that they will LOVE handling social media tasks as a VA. Why not? Facebook is fun, right? It isn't until after they have scheduled dozens of very boring tweets about their clients' business (without the joy of watching Buzzfeed videos and sharing cat memes) that they realize becoming a social media manager is more about stats and consistency than trends or humor. This leads many of them to say "social media is not for me!"

Once you have this kind of insight, it's easy to say that you won't offer social media tasks as a VA. Likewise, if you found a client's experience handling social media to be your zen place, then by all means market that as a valuable skill! Sometimes you really can't knock it until you've tried it!

3. They can lead to better paying jobs.

I started out doing a writing project for a client that paid terribly. I was really interested in the content, however, and I was in a spot where I needed to save a little for a new van. I took the job, and the client was very impressed with my work. Within weeks, I was given a raise and my choice of articles for the next year. What started out as a less-than-ideal situation turned out to be one of my favorite tasks each day. It never did pay great, but it was low-stress and reliable. Everyone needs this type of client, and had I not given them a chance, I wouldn't have had the pleasure.

Now that we know that it takes all kinds of VA work to keep your running, where can you find jobs of all kinds? The following sites aren't limited to VA work -- meaning you'll have to pick through the jobs to find stuff that fits. But all are a good possibility, especially when starting out.

Where to Find VA Jobs

Facebook Groups - We talked about these here. Many of the will have whisperings about who may be hiring, and some will outright ask for someone to perform paid jobs.

1099 Mom's Weekly Job Listings - We like to think that we have some of the best jobs out there! Find a variety of work-at-home jobs for a variety of companies each week. We do find VA jobs to share!

Indeed.com - This is a terrific search engine. Look for jobs by location "remote" and include "assistant" in the title field to find assistant jobs that are open to remote arrangements.

Fiverr - Learn more about this site here. While it's not the most reliable place to find work, you can list a few jobs that you are proficient at to offer. This is best for those with a highly-specialized skill.

Upwork - This bidding site allows you to join, then spend credits when you submit proposals for work. Many of the jobs listed would fall under the wheelhouse of a virtual assistant. It's best that you take a good amount of time to set up your profile and take a few proficiency exams before applying. Many have been able to make a decent part-time living as a VA on Upwork!

These are just a few places to find advertised work. As with any listings, be careful about giving out  your personal info when applying. Be wary of jobs found on sites like Craigslist. While some can be legit, they are also notorious for having some shady practices -- especially for jobs request a personal of virtual assistant.

(Need us to take a look at a job? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you found. I'd be happy to personally look and see.)

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