Reality Debt Solutions Seeks 1099 Workers

Are you interested in helping the estimated more than 80% of Americans who are in debt?  If so, Reality Debt Solutions may be just the company for you.

About Reality Debt Solutions

Reality Debt Solutions connects customers to the best solution for their particular debt situation, which can help customers save up to 50% of the debt they owe.

The company seeks associates who are able to handle calls by following a dynamic workflow that updates automatically based on how customers answer questions.  Everything from debt amount to the state customers live in may change the customer options.  Therefore, associates must be clear with customers and detailed with their responses.

Hiring Details

Reality Debt Solutions is looking for an applicant who

  • seeks full-time or part-time work (20 to 40 hours per week available)
  • is positive and confident
  • has a quiet work environment without children or pets
  • is trainable and coachable
  • is a U.S. citizen, 18 years old or older
  • is comfortable with technology (all Reality Debt Solutions' software is online)
  • has a PC or Mac
  • has a USB headset
  • has high-speed DSL or cable internet (no wireless accepted)

How to Apply

If you're interested in applying, send your resume to: with the subject line, "I'm a positive agent!"  You'll receive a link to Reality Debt Solutions' connection and availability form.  Later in the application process, you'll need to give a voice sample.

Final Notes

You have the ability to set your own hours with this job, and most agents make an average of $9.79 an hour with hourly pay and bonus opportunities.  For additional information, please contact Reality Debt Solutions at (415) 580-2858 or

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