7 Reasons to Embrace Being a Work at Home Mom

Some women dream of being a work at home mom. They spend months or even years planning out the business that they will run from home, or they work in a field where they know they can easily switch to telecommuting. However, some women fall into being a work at home mom. It comes about due to circumstances or the need for a second income or simply so that they don’t go crazy hearing the Baby Shark song for the forty-second time today. For those women, the transition to being a work at home mom can be a little rougher.

No matter how or why you start working from home, there are many reasons to embrace this lifestyle.

1. Fewer Distractions

Yes, I know. You have kids. Some days, it seems like they wake up with the plan to distract you running through their cute little heads. But hear me out.

With kids, you can control the distractions. Sure, you may need to cram every bit of work into the twenty-two minute Caillou episode your kid is currently watching, but it’s a lot better than sitting down to a large project only to have your cubicle mate start humming Christmas songs in April. You know you’re not going to get any work done once their screen time is up, and you can plan accordingly. You end up less frustrated because you aren’t trying to work when you know it’s impossible.

2. Being the Boss Is All it’s Cracked Up to Be

Being the boss rocks. When you’re in charge, you feel like you have more control over your life. It’s easier to schedule around commitments. I have a friend who missed her oldest child’s first day of school because she couldn’t get the day off work. Today, she owns a marketing company, and she never misses a school function.

Sometimes, being the boss is overwhelming and crazy, and stressful, but that’s far outweighed by the benefits.

3. As Your Business Grows, So Do Other Businesses

As a small business owner, you will probably need outside help at some point. While most small business owners wear many hats, there comes a time when you must outsource web design, or social media management, or search engine optimization.  You may even decide to hire a virtual assistant. When that time comes, you get to support other small business owners. By being a work at home mom, you are creating a cycle of economic improvement for dozens of entrepreneurs.

4. You Have Flexibility

One of the biggest reasons that women become stay at home moms is because they need flexibility. Like my friend who missed her kid’s first day of school, you need to be able to take time away on your schedule. Being an entrepreneur gives you that freedom. Maybe you need to be able to work evenings instead of daytime hours. Perhaps you have doctor’s appointments or therapies to take your children to. Whatever your reasons for needing flexibility, being a work at home mom gives you that.

5. The Pajamas

Hands down, the best reason to become a stay at home mom is the ability to hang out in your PJs all day long. When I quit my last corporate job, I made a vow that I would never wear pantyhose again. Now, I get to hang out in my comfortable pajamas until it’s time to pick the kids up at the bus stop. There’s not much I would trade that for!

6. Netflix

Let’s face it. There’s downtime at every job. At your corporate job, your downtime may be spent staring out the window or sharing gossip at the coffee machine, but you do have some downtime. When you work at home, downtime means you can watch whatever you want on Netflix instead of listening to Karen from accounting talk about her boyfriend.

7. The Coffee is Better

Why do you think Starbucks is so popular? It’s because corporate coffee sucks. However, as a work at home mom, you get to choose the coffee. Plus, you have all of your favorite creamers, and you can use the coffee mug that corporate culture might find inappropriate.

While some of these reasons are silly, there are many benefits to becoming a stay at home mom. In most cases, owning your own business that you run from home gives you the most options for financial security without needing to be as reliant on daycare.  Plus, you are helping other women become stay at home moms through your success!

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