4 Ways to Make Your Home Office Look Professional

A home office is the hub of your work environment.  While some people have the luxury of an entirely separate room for their office, others make do with a tiny corner in their bedroom or living room.  Regardless if you have a large or small home office, you’ll want to make it look professional so that you can be as productive as possible.

Keep the Clutter to a Minimum

There’s nothing like sitting down to a clean desk to do your work.  I find that it inspires creativity and makes it easy to work.
If my desk is a mess and I know that I’ll have to move piles of papers and books to work, I’m usually tempted to procrastinate.  Plus, there’s nothing more frustrating than digging through piles to find the item that you need.  The time you waste looking through clutter or procrastinating because of clutter can affect your business productivity.

Take time at the end of each day to clear your desk of clutter so that you will start the new work day with a clean desk waiting for you.

Have a Spot for Every Thing

If you have books cluttering up your space, cull the ones you don’t need or use and put the other ones in a nearby bookshelf.  If it’s paperwork, make sure that you have a file and a system for dealing with your paperwork so it doesn’t gather on your desk.

Don’t Put Your Desk Against the Wall

Many people, especially if they have a small office or just a corner of a room for their office, are tempted to put the desk against the wall so they’re sitting facing a wall.  There are two problems with this arrangement.

First, staring at a wall doesn’t usually inspire creativity. 

Second, in this age of Skype phone calls, having your desk against a wall means that if you take a Skype call, the person on the other end will be looking out behind you.  If your desk is in a corner of your living room or bedroom, do you really want your colleague looking out onto the rest of the room?  If you instead position your desk so that your back is to the wall, you can easily control what the other person will see, making it easier to convey a professional image.

Don’t Forget about Comfort

You’ll likely spend a lot of time at your desk, so don’t forget about comfort.  Choose a comfortable, ergonomic chair so that you don’t hurt your back.  Also, make sure that your desk is the right height for typing so you don’t strain your eyes or arms when using the computer.

No matter if you have a whole room dedicated to your home office or just a corner of a room, you can make it organized, professional and comfortable with some of these tips.  Once you have your home office set up, your productivity should increase, too.

What suggestions would you use to make a home office professional and comfortable?

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