5 Lucrative, Work from Home Careers

We live in a wonderful time when you can make a living from the comfort of your home with an internet connection, computer, and phone.  If you don’t want to work 9 to 5 at an office, you don’t have to.  If you want a flexible schedule and more time with your kids, working at home may be the right choice for you.
Even better if you can work at home and make the same or more than you could at a traditional job.  I started working from home when I had two kids under two.  After paying day care costs, I would have only brought home a couple of hundred dollars a month at my traditional job.  I decided to try my hand at working at home instead and soon found I could easily make more than I would have at my traditional job when paying daycare.

If you’re looking for a profitable work from home job, here are some of our favorites:

Web Designer

Every business now requires an online presence that will need to be created, maintained, and eventually redesigned.  You’ll likely have more jobs than you can handle if you become a good web designer.  You can create websites for blogs, small businesses, and large business, to name a few.  Freelance web designers generally charge $50 to $100 per hour, but with this job, it’s imperative that you keep up with technology and the changes in the field, or you’ll quickly find your skills less in demand.

Freelance Writer

There are so many different avenues you can take as a freelance writer from writing blog posts to creating white papers, to working for online magazines, among others.  How much you’ll make in this field largely depends on your area of specialty.  For a 500-word web article, you may make between $20 and $100.  For other types of articles, you may charge between .10 and 1.00 per word, which depends on your experience, writing skills, and negotiating powers.

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you’ll enjoy a flexible schedule and a good income.  Most virtual assistants charge anywhere from $10 to $100 per hour, with an average pay rate of $15.88.  However, most commonly, a virtual assistant charges between $15 to $30 an hour. 

With this job, you’ll also be competing with virtual assistants who live in other countries and charge a much lower rate, usually under $5 an hour.  My advice would be to not compete at this rate.  Instead, set a rate you’re comfortable with and seek out clients who value U.S.-based virtual assistants.

Virtual Tutor

Recently this market has exploded.  You could work for an agency like VIPKid, teaching English to Chinese children and earn $18 to $22 an hour.  However, you could also be a virtual math tutor or even a dyslexia tutor.  In a specialized field like tutoring dyslexia using the Barton Spelling and Reading program, you can make between $40 and $80 an hour!


Many small business owners are creative types who don’t like to be tied down to the task of maintaining their books.  As a bookkeeper, that’s where you come in.  On average, virtual bookkeepers make $19 per hour, but as you develop skills and experience, you can charge up to $60 per hour!  Again, this is a job where you’ll want to keep up with new skills and trends in the market.

There are many lucrative work-at-home jobs.  These are just a few.

What other lucrative work-at-home jobs would you add to this list?

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