5 Books To Help You As a Virtual Assistant

Thanks to the rise in blogs and the increased online presence of brick and mortar businesses, the virtual assistant (VA) field is booming.  If you’d like to start working as a VA but don’t know how to find clients, create a website, or market your business, there are several books that will lead you through the process.

Likewise, even if you’re an experienced VA who would like to grow her business, find time-saving shortcuts, or learn new skills, there are several books available to help you without spending a fortune.  

Here are some of the books we recommend:

The Bootstrap VA by Lisa Morosky

The Bootstrap VA by Lisa Morosky is essential reading for anyone who wants to become a VA or would like to grow or improve their VA business.  At 150 pages, this book is packed full of valuable information.  Even better, once you finish the book, Morosky has created a VA Facebook group you can join if you’d like to continue learning more.

Take a Leap of Faith and Start a Virtual Assistant Business by Russell Davis

In Takea Leap of Faith and Start a Virtual Assistant Business (Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited), Russell Davis insists that anyone who can work at a computer and has the right equipment can be a VA.  I wouldn’t go that far as there are important skills VAs must have such as self-motivation and organization, but I do appreciate Davis’ enthusiasm. 

This book will take you through the entire process of starting a VA business to what you need to know once you’ve landed a few clients such as how to deal with difficult clients, getting paid in a timely manner, and growing your business.

An American Virtual Assistant by Cindy Freland

If you’re looking to start a virtual assistant business, An American Virtual Assistant (Read FREE with Kindle Unlimitedmay be one of the best choices to get you started.  Freland includes step-by-step instructions to get you started as well as how to grow your business.  She also shares stories and tips from a variety of virtual assistants, both new and established.

A to Z of Virtual Assistant Tools by Helen Stothard

Whether you’re a VA newbie or an established VA, Ato Z of Virtual Assistant Tools helps you become more efficient.  Stothard, a VA since 2009, shares her favorite tools to help make your business run more smoothly and save time while still producing quality work.

30 Days Setting Up as a Virtual Assistant Challenge by Helen Stothard

Stothard used her own experience of being a part-time VA to running a full-time VA business in less than six months as the basis of 30Days Setting Up as a Virtual Assistant Challenge: Without Breaking the Bank (Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited). Stothard will guide you step-by-step, day-by-day in setting up a flourishing VA business.  While this is essential reading for someone preparing to launch their VA career, even experienced VAs will find this book useful.  An experienced VA may appreciate the guide as well as Stothard’s way of doing things, which may differ from her own way.

There are plenty of ways to learn new skills, but if you’re on a shoestring budget, books are the best way.  These five should help you start, grow, and improve your virtual assistant business.

Have you read any of these books?  Which would you recommend?

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