6 Gift Ideas for the WAHM

Sometimes finding a gift for mom can be difficult.  Sure, you can get jewelry or makeup, but not every mom wants those items, despite what advertisers think.  However, if mom is a work at home mom (WAHM), there are plenty of gifts you can get her, and she’ll likely enjoy them a great deal.

Meal Kit

Making dinner each night and grocery shopping is just a nuisance when your schedule is packed and you barely have time to finish your work and spend time with the kids.  For the frazzled WAHM, a meal kit service might be the ideal gift.  A box appears on her doorstep once a week with all the groceries she needs for her meals and recipe cards so she can create new meals, alleviating dinner time boredom. 

There are so many meal kits to choose from—Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and Purple Carrot—just to name a few, that you’ll likely be able to find something that fits her food preferences.

Conference Ticket

Attending a conference once a year is important for a work at home mom to remain sharp in her field and learn new skills.  If you know what conference she’d like to attend, consider buying the ticket.


Sometimes there is an urgent deadline that she must meet, but that can be difficult if the kids are home or if she homeschools.  Consider giving mom free babysitting passes that she can use whenever she needs a break or has a deadline she must meet.  She’ll appreciate having a safe, fun place for her kids to go as well as the time to get things done.


A high-quality camera is essential for many work at home mom jobs such as blogging, social media, selling on Etsy, advertising on Pinterest.  If mom has been using her old camera, consider surprising her with a new one.  She’ll be thrilled!

Spa Day/Gym Pass

Let’s face it, parents today do a lot.  They work, spend time with the kids, drive the kids to activities, help with homework, make food, do laundry, clean house.  It’s an exhausting list!  Why not give mom a day away.  If she likes to go to the spa, a gift for a day at the spa might be perfect.  Or, you could get her a pass to the gym or the yoga study. 

Mom’s don’t tend to focus on themselves, and if they do, they often do so last.  This gift helps encourage mom to take time to relax and recharge.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Most work at home moms work at least sometimes when their kids are home.  Staying focused while kids have their toy soldiers battle or while they watch the latest movie can be a challenge.  Noise-canceling headphones are the perfect answer.  Mom can still work and stay focused, even in a house full of noise and commotion.

Whether you’re looking to find gifts for mom for the holidays, her birthday, or Mother’s Day, one of these gifts is likely sure to delight her.

What other suggestions would you add to this list?

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