5 Frugal Ways to Improve Your Business

Once you’ve owned your own business for a while, you may find that your progress is stagnating.  Maybe you have a blog, and the number of viewers is no longer growing.  Maybe you’re a writer who works with the same clients but never finds new ones or increases monthly earnings.  Clearly, if you want to continue to grow your business, you must put in effort.  While this takes time, it doesn’t have to cost money.  There are many frugal ways to improve your business.

Commit To Producing, Optimizing and Connecting

For most business owners, there is one aspect of their business that they enjoy doing more than others.  Some writers or bloggers enjoy producing, so they spend 90% of their time developing content.  However, that isn’t enough.  You must also set aside time to optimize and connect to grow your audience and make new partnerships.  Make sure that you’re doing all three—producing, optimizing, and connecting—on a regular basis.  Some people even go so far as to schedule into their week specific times for each to make sure all three get accomplished.

Join a Master Mind Group

A master mind group can be a fabulous, frugal way to grow your business.  You’ll be part of a group with individuals in the same field as you.  You’ll hold one another accountable for making, and achieving, business goals.  You’ll also each individually have time to talk about the struggles you have with your business and give advice to other members of the group to help them improve their business.

While this group does require a fair share of your time, it’s absolutely free and can be a powerful way to grow your business.

Read Books To Help You Grow Your Business

There are so many books about business available.  You can read ones specific to your industry or ones about marketing, managing, or growing your business, among other topics.  Amazon has many business books for free as part of their Kindle and Audible program, so check their first.  The library is another great place to find business books.

The key with books is to not just read them but to also implement the new knowledge you obtain.

Join Facebook Groups

Sure, Facebook can be an endless time suck, but you don’t have to just spend time there looking at what your friends are doing.  Facebook can be a valuable tool to grow your business if you find the right business groups to join.  These groups can be full of free and valuable advice from people who have already taken their business to a new level and like to share their knowledge.

Find Experts Who Give Information for Free on the Internet

Not everything costs money!  There are plenty of people who give valuable information for free on the Internet.  If you’re a blogger, I highly recommend Start a Mom Blog for free information from finding topics to write about, to using social media effectively, to affiliate marketing.  While many of the people who give away information for free also have products that you can buy, you can glean enough from their free information to improve your business.

Growing your business doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor when there are so many of these free resources available!

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