Pinterest Marketing in 2019 Made Stupidly Easy by Michael Clarke: A Book Review

If you’re not on Pinterest, then you’re losing out on valuable website traffic and revenue. If you are on Pinterest but you just can’t seem to crack the code to bring about the traffic that others brag about, you know you need to revamp your strategy. Whether you’re new to Pinterest or you need to learn new techniques, Pinterest Marketing in 2019 Made Stupidly Easy: How to Use Pinterest for Business Awesomeness by Michael Clarke will help you improve your Pinterest page views and strategies and drive more traffic to your site.

Content of Pinterest Marketing in 2019 Made Stupidly Easy

The first three chapters of this book cover Pinterest basics. If you are completely new to Pinterest, you’ll want to focus on Chapter One, which explains how to set up your Pinterest account. If you have a bit more experience with Pinterest, jump to Chapter Two.

Chapters Two and Three cover basics to help you draw viewers to your Pinterest page. You’ll learn about the right type of pictures to use, the best cameras to use, how to optimize your website so viewers can easily pin your content, and more.

Chapters Four and Five get into the nitty-gritty of creating Pinterest boards and images. The tips in Chapter Four will work for bloggers, but they’re tailored for business owners who are looking to grow their businesses organically through Pinterest. I appreciated the detailed information in Chapter Five about what images, lighting, size, etc. works best for Pinterest.

Business owners will love Chapter Seven. Clarke discusses many ways to mine data from Pinterest to learn all about your customers and what they’re interested in so you can create more content and products that will appeal to them.

While blogging giveaways used to be a great way to attract new followers, those are waning, but never fear, Pinterest contests can take their place. Clarke explains what’s legal and allowed so your contest will have only positive results.

To wrap the book up, Clarke directs the reader to some large corporations that are rocking their Pinterest page.

Strengths of This Book

The entire book is filled with tips. Reading it is the quick part; implementing the many strategies may take a while.

I appreciate that each chapter has takeaways, which are excellent summaries of the steps you should take based on what the chapter is about. You could easily read through the entire book and then chapter by chapter, focus on the takeaways to implement the suggestions.

I also love that Clarke gives formulas to follow such as when you should pin, how much you should pin, and what types of content you should pin. Until you find your own pinning groove, following his tips should be helpful.

Finally, Clarke doesn’t take himself too seriously. He has an almost flippant, relatable style which makes what could be a rather dry topic more interesting.

If you’re struggling to drive more traffic to your site via Pinterest or you just want to improve your strategy, you’re sure to learn some valuable tips in this book. Buy the book at Amazon or read for FREE with a 30-day free trial to Kindle Unlimited

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