1099 Top 10: The Value of Your DooHickey

Every week, we'll share our favorite posts from the Work at Home Mom niche. Some articles may come from Moms, but all of them will be great. Enjoy! 
  • What should you charge for that used thingamajiggy?  This article at Money Highway lists solid tips for setting the right price for any used item you sell.   
  • Google+ may rock, but don't forget about LinkedIn! This 6-step list from Work Awesome is sure to increase your business' viability!  
  • It's vacation season, but can you afford to leave your small business -- even for a few days?  Here are some tips to avoiding the trauma of a vacation when you work from home
  • Cookie cutter is so last season.  Be yourself, and watch the profits take off!  Using your unique abilities to grow your business and be more competitive is crucial in today's small business environment. 
  • Back to school ALREADY? Cut some of the costs of sending your kids back with new stuff.  These tips are common sense, but essential. 
  • But I thought Facebook ruled? It may still rule, but you should know the difference between it and the newest competitor: Google+.  Find out the perks and pitfalls of each at My Life Scoop.
  • Does your Etsy biz need a boost? These tips more than rock... they can actually help your Etsy biz get on a roll -- and stay there.
  • Are subject lines that important in your small business emails?  YES!! Get the facts on what makes a GREAT email subject in this Open Forum guide
  • Do receipts pile up in your home office?  This honest review on ShoeBoxed may help you decide the best way to proceed towards a clutter-free existence. (I'm giving it a try this month!)
  • Are you backing up your freelance articles? You better be. Here's why....  
Thanks to everyone who was included in this week's list! 

*Photo by grenade via Flickr 

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