Where to Find Giveaways to Offer on Your Blog

Giveaways can be a great way to draw traffic to your blog and potentially find new readers.  However, unless you’re independently wealthy, you’ll likely want to find others to sponsor your giveaways because running giveaways if you supply the prize can get expensive, quickly!

If you’re new to running giveaways, here are some places you can look to begin offering giveaways.

DIY Giveaways

Offer one yourself.  In the beginning, just to get momentum going, you may want to sponsor your own giveaway.  You could pay for the item out-of-pocket, but there are other ways to keep costs low.  My favorite way is to get a free gift card from my credit card rewards program and offer that as my giveaway prize.

Once you begin offering giveaways, companies will take notice.  They’ll begin e-mailing you and asking if you’d like to work with them on a review and giveaway.  Do the best work you can on these because other companies will look at your giveaway posts before asking you if you would like to work with them.  This can create a positive domino effect—the more great reviews and giveaways you offer, the more offers you will get from companies to do reviews and giveaways.

Giveaway a prize that you win.  Another option is to enter giveaways online.  If you win, consider giving away that prize on your blog.  This can be particularly useful if you win a Visa gift card or a gift card to a store. 

Find Companies That Facilitate Giveaways

If you don’t want to pay for giveaways yourself and don’t have much experience offering them, you can join some of the many companies that connect bloggers with companies looking for reviewers.  

Tomoson.  Tomoson offers many items for review from companies.  You need to apply to each company separately.  You may or may not be chosen.  While many of the items are for review only, several are for review AND giveaway.  You usually have 35 days from receiving the product to write your review.

Contact Companies Directly

Many bloggers don’t have the nerve to do this, but consider contacting the business directly to ask if you can do a review and giveaway of their product.  If your blog covers a particular niche, you’ll have the best luck with companies that fit in that niche.  For instance, I write about food intolerances on my blog sometimes, so I reach out to companies with allergy-friendly products.  While I sometimes get told “no”, I often get told “yes”, too.

Some companies will just take a look at your blog and agree to the review and giveaway, but others have much stricter standards.  Just in case they want more information about you and your blog, make sure you have a media kit ready to send to them.

If you want to start offering giveaways on your blog, don’t be intimidated.  There are many bloggers who routinely do this, and getting free items to review and giveaway is not as difficult as you think.

Have you contacted companies directly to ask to review and giveaway their products?  If so, what was the result?

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