10 Things Every Email Newsletter Needs

The internet age and availability of smartphones, paired with the desire to always stay in contact has created an open door for business owners to stay in constant contact with their audience. Email newsletters are a great tool to keep your brand in front of your target audience, all the while delivering content that your consumers find valuable. Your brand will soon be recognized and trusted among your target audience.

But are you doing it correctly? An email newsletter must have these ten essential components to bring traffic and success:

1. Catchy Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing your recipient will see, so make it count! If the subject seems too pushy or salesy, you can almost bank on it going straight to the trashcan. Create a subject line that is straightforward and concise on what is included in your newsletter. Not sure if you're doing it right? Consider using an email service that offers A/B testing. That way, you can try two different subject lines, see which one does better, and use that same approach for messages moving forward.

2. Eye Appeal

As soon as your email is opened, the design and layout will be noticed. It must be catchy, yet not over the top and busy. Keep your brand in mind, and include your logo right at the top. With email newsletters, it is important that the design stays consistent, yet fresh. Try not to change it, except for once a year, so make your design count.

After your header, the remaining parts of your email newsletter need to be a mix of images and text. Bold the text that you want to stand out, possibly important link backs to your site or other calls to action. Limit your images to less than 10 so it won’t be caught by email spam filters.

3. Website Link

Your goal with an email newsletter is to drive your audience back to your content, so don’t forget to include a link to your website either in the header, or within the first couple lines of text.

4. Table of Contents

Lets face it, we’re all busy people. When it comes to emails, many of us like to scan and pick up on the most important parts and emails with more than four or five topics may benefit from some organization. With the inclusion of a Table of Contents, your audience will see at a glance what is included in the email, so they can jump forward the portion they want to read.

5. Great Content

If your content is boring or uninteresting, you will lose subscribers instantly (it only takes a click!). Your weekly or monthly newsletter should be straight to the point and provide a valuable message to your audience. Your email isn’t the only email in their inbox, so make it count. Include links to additional content on your site that you recently published or that goes in line with the message you delivered.

6. Personality

Don’t forget yourself when you’re drafting your email newsletter. It is from you and your audience wants to know you are a real person and not a robot. If you've written something that's been popular on your blog, consider using chunks of it in your email to relay what you're about and why people should value your opinion!

7. Monthly Tip or Fact

Give your recipients a reason to open your email newsletter above all others. Include an exclusive tip or fact that relates to your site that your audience can relate with and find value in. This will not only give them an incentive to open your email newsletter, but it will give them a little nugget to pass on to their peers, further promoting your brand. If you can’t always come up with a fact or tip, why not include a joke that will keep them laughing (and thinking of your email) all day.

8. Exclusive Promotion

Do you offer an ebook, printable or other product that your audience would find valuable? Include a code, free trial or freebie exclusive to your valuable email subscribers. Don’t be too saleperson-ish or you will drive your subscribers away. Offering this incentive to your subscribers will help increase your numbers and get your product or service in front of more people.

9. Social Media Accounts

You want your brand in front of your audience as much as it can be so you are able to stay in contact with them with your latest articles and products. Include links to all of your social media accounts in your email newsletters so you can connect with your audience across all platforms.

10. Signature

Don’t forget to close your email and sign it! This will drive home the fact that you are a real person, with real ideas and you’re worth connecting with. Make sure that this matches the “from” name in the email. Underneath your signature is a great place to include any upcoming events, classes or webinars/podcasts.

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